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At Naranjo Company, we redefine possibilities in the digital era. As a trusted leader, we deliver innovative and scalable technology solutions worldwide. Our commitment to excellence, paired with a global presence, empowers businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape. Discover a partner dedicated to driving success through cutting-edge technology services tailored to your unique needs

Naranjo Company, formerly known as Compuorango since 2003, is a U.S.-based corporation specializing in technical support services for Fortune 500 companies within the technology sector. Our success is attributed to the pivotal role of our service options, while our business structure serves as a highly effective tool for establishing strategic partnerships with both customers and providers.

In 2008, Naranjo Company Corporation was formally incorporated in the State of New York, marking a significant milestone. The launch of Technician2go in the same year served as our primary platform for managing resource profiles. In 2012, our brand 'Ecuative' was developed, becoming our primary support for Help Desk services in South America. Currently, our global presence extends to over 94 countries, achieved through the combined strength of our brands, Ecuative and Naranjo Company.


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Aspire to become the leading global partner for top-tier technology outsourcing services. Achieve sustained growth over time by diversifying our business portfolio and expanding our global footprint into markets and segments with increasing demand for our services. .

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Exceed the expectations of technology businesses and their government and private customers by consistently delivering top-notch outsourced technology services. Introduce comprehensive end-to-end solutions, incorporating cutting-edge tools and resources, to enhance the value of their services, earning unwavering respect and loyalty. Foster a secure, challenging, and rewarding environment for our global team and resources .

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